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Question to Agent: “I really want to look at plans with several companies to be sure I’ve reviewed all my options. Can you help me with that or do you just work for one company?”

Answer from Agent: “My license allows me to sell any plan available in the state”

HINT: “my license allows me to” does not mean the contract with the insurance company or agency allows it.

FACT: It’s impossible for one person to represent every company and plan in a single state or multiple states. Most of the time Agents represent only one or just a few companies.

secrets revealed
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Having 10 years experience as an Agent gives me a lot of insight into the tricks sales agents use to get you to buy a policy from them. I’m going to disclose their tricks to you so you will have the ability to hear what they’re actually says vs. the words coming out of their mouths.

  • Experience: 10 years as an agent
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